Video's from Taylor Park Reservoir, Colorado - Labor Day Week

Uploading some video's from my trip to Taylor Park Reservoir, in Colorado.  Stayed in a cabin for 6 nights, rode 5 days and about 300 miles of trails.  These are just a few clips of some of the aweomeness that is there.  It's a small cross section, from fast flow, to gnar, to climbs that never end!  Best week riding I've ever had!


fast flow...





some stupid rock trail, not family friendly language a couple times (sorry)



Edited by KGSloan

I was thinking your exact thoughts when we rode that trail in July. WTF! Lol. Who's idea was that? Lol. Except I suffered 2 broken ribs on a fall. Haven't even thought about getting back on my DRZ yet.

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