XR650R Clutch bolts torque values?

I don't have a manual for the XR650R and am fitting new clutch plates to my pig. I did a forum search and ran out of patience, anyone got a manual that tells what the torque value of the bolts that hold the springs in is??? Or do I just do them up until it strips and back it off half a turn?  :lol:


Cheers and thanks in advance.




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If you insist Mick..I've never used a torque wrench on those type of bolts in my life..up to pressure,(Spring is compressed),touch more..done..Bit of Loctite on the threads if you want..I've never bothered..


Good 2-0 start to the A/c..Hope we hold it together..ie,,the boat doesn't destroy itself.

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Thanks Horri. I expected that it would be you that would reply. I suppose all the others on the other side of the world are asleep or are having a saturday night on the juice. 


What's that about the boat? What are you up too?


We are in The Americas Cup Mick..the big AC72 hydrofoil cats,,Rich mans sport but I hope we pull it off this time,,2-0 we won this morning..Need to win 9..I wonder when we will be rammed out of the event..LoL

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Ohh I see! The Americas cup is like the rugby, once we get beaten by NZ, I lose interest in a big hurry. :p

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