Racing the 110s..., which class?

Hi folks, I am new in here but raced MX from early-70s through mid-80s.  Been away from the sport (except following on TV & net) for a long time and trying to catch-up.


We started my 8-yr old Grandson with a CRF50 a few months ago and he is already killin' it!  We just bought him a KLX110L (manual clutch version) as his next-step bike.


My question is, where are your local organized tracks placing beginner kids riding the little 110s?  Assuming there are not enough 110s to form their own class, which class are they putting the beginner 110s in? Seems to me the best fit would be the 65cc beginner class, but I don't know so I am asking you guys that are racing currently.


Thanks for a reply.





That is where my series puts the 110's, in with the 65's.  Depending on the rider, the 110 will have a hard time keeping up with the 65s.  They may have a trail bike class, for your rider to build some confidence.

I don't know if I'd race in the 65 class without a 65.  He will get smoked.  If it is for fun for a race or 2 then I'd say do it, but you are going to be seriously under powered and suspended.  Lower any expectations before hand though :cheers:

My nephew is competetive in woods racing with the 65s on a CRF 80, but the bike is WAY under suspended for his speed.  MX would be much tougher on that bike.


He does especially well when the traction is poor, because the 65s spin and fall when they hit the powerband.


When your grandson starts racing, just tell him to try to finish the race.  Anything beyond that is a bonus.

Thanks for the remarks guys. I'm just trying to learn which class different tracks are putting beginner kids into that are giving MX a go on their 110s.


I'm not really too worried about the difference in bikes so long as I can get my Grandson into a beginner class where the riders are just learning and not fully using the capabilities of the bikes they are riding.




Most races in Tennessee and alabama run the 110s in what they call a small 4stroke class. The 110 is a tuff bike.

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