sell my yz125 for a 300?

Hey guys. I have a 05 yz 125 that is pretty much fully decked out. I have ridden some larger bikes lately and become torn.(ktm 150,200,300, gasgas 300 And a wr450) i mainly ride tight to moderate single track, with occasional wide open sections. But none of it is smooth. Lots of rocks, roots, and ruts here. It seems like the heavier bikes are more planted, is there anything between that is planted but still fast and flickable?

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Sorry cant really help you out, but i love your bike!

Maybe i should just get a yz 250 and put all my stuff on?

Where are you riding --- Draper, Stillwater? -- just curious -- not really pertinent to your question

Draper, Stillwater 500, Appalachia, and Gruber mainly. Never forget OKLAHOMA GOLD RUSH!!!

Yeah more planted a four stroke would be you're best a yz 250 weighted flywheel would b a second ktm are good but spends in parts and tools and a pain to get suspension dialed're 125 is a superior bike than most other than top speed you're bike is one of thes lightest and seems pretty dialed for offroad she's a great bike I wouldn't worry unless you gain weight and get to heavy then upgrade

A KTM 300 runs like a tractor. If you're over 160lbs it'll be fine. I ride my fathers and I'm only 130 lbs and it's literally a bat out of hell for my weight.

Maybe i should just get a yz 250 and put all my stuff on?

Yes, yes and yes. I switched from a 2006 yz 250 to a 2009 ktm 250xc. I like the electric start and plug and play lighting, however if you want stability and comfort in the chop then the KTM will disappoint. I am going back to a YZ this winter. There will be some more LED lighting options coming next spring where I believe you can just charge a battery and have plenty of juice if you should need to run the light. :thumbsup: Also the KTM does not have a 2nd gear, it basically goes from a low first gear to a 2nd gear that is too tall (like shifting straight to 3rd). yz will throttle through anything in 2nd but not the KTM. :thumbsdn:

well throughout all the drama I come to find that my forks are even working right. Either something wrong is in the valving or maybe a bushing came out of place in its not working right. But it's different than any Bike I've ever written

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