squeaking noise in the rear end of a wr250f?

Hey guys


It seems my bike has developed a squeaking noise in the rear end of the bike and im not riding it much because of it and id like to find what is wearing before i start trying to do anything with it. 


So this noise a high pitch to low pitch which fluctuates depending on my speed and starts when i hit roughly 70km then until i get lower than 40 it doesn't go away and it only happens once the bike has been moving at speed for a 5 minutes probable. I have had a look at the rotor and the calliper moves about half 0.5mm roughly so it looks to have a slight bend in which wouldn't be noticeable unless i took the entire wheel off.


Is there anything anyone can suggest i check?


ill have a look over the bike today and say if anything changes or something comes up.

I believe i found it after riding it for a while i found the chain guild on the bottom of the swing are had a bend in it rubbing the hard rubber guard on to the chain and it had worn the joiner a bit not enough to warrant replacing it asap but certainly in the future.

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