water pump

I cannot find a better water pump than stock for my bike boyesen dont makem and the other one u need an akro header, has anyone found anything else?

Why would you want to upgrade the water pump if you dont want to upgrade the exhaust?

To just help with the boil over and to keep the engine cooler with better circulation but since there is nothin better it don't matter now? Do u have any experience with the r&d power stuff?

I will be installin the power bowl soon. Try and find the KTM supermoto air filter kit. That will give you crazy power...


If you want to stop boil overs, get the fluidyne rads and also catch bottle. I run those on my 09 450 sxf with zero issues. Did they same to my Factory edition, but melted the bottle. Forgot to put in a sponge to absorb the heat...


Also get the 1.8bar cap and you will be in good hands.


I am currently using dexcool 50:50, but will switch to caltex 33:67 where its 33% antifreeze and 67% water. More water more cooling. I will also add a few oz of DEI rad relief for extra measures...


You have to remember, antifreeze is corrosive if used in the wrong application, the green stuff is good for copper and steel but bad for aluminum. the dexcool is good for alu and steel but bad on copper, the new 33:67 is good on all but boils over at 125c. 


I rarely see 100c temps on my bike so i am switchin to the new stuff...Dont forget to flush before you switch, ppl forget that and it doesnt work the way its intended to...

Ok thx naf let me know what u think of the power bowl when u test it.

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