Husky te310 vs. honda crf250r

Hi guys I'm new here, I'm 17 and a month away from turning 18 and I'm gonna buy a new bike to build credit, but I don't know what to get... I'm 5'10" and weight about 175, what do you guys recommend for low maintenance and long life I understand oil changes and air filter n stuff is all stuff I have to do no matter what, I'm leaning towards the husky te310 but I'm open to any advice I want a dual sport mostly gonna be riding around town and on fire roads in so cal

You will need a street plated bike for what you propose so that leaves the Honda out.  The Husky is street legal and is excellent for single track but its close ratio trans would be miserable for your dual sport purposes.  The street legal KTM 350/500 EXC's or Beta 350/400/450/520 RS's would be much better choices largely due to their more versatile 6 speed wide ratio trannies.

Sorry I meant the new crf250l which is street legal do you know what the gear ratios are on it?

250L has 14/40 gears stock. Its way under geared.

Don't finance a bike at your age. I know you want to build credit but think about going to school first. Assuming you have a cosigner, wait till your done school and buy a vehicle or something that you need first. I saved my money (and still am saving) and I will have over 10% of the price of a house to put down, I don't have great credit yet but it has been boosted by using my visa for things and making the minimum monthly payments.


Never finance a toy. Never. Especially at your age when there's much more important things to buy. Maybe you need a work truck or a good car to get back and forth to school everyday, that's understandable go out and finance a used one if you know for sure you can make the payments but even then, be weary. What happens when the money stops coming in? It's hard to work enough to make any payments on anything while you're going to school, I have a buddy who was going to community college on a student loan shortly after buying a brand new Mazda 3. The repo man hasn't come to take it yet but it's off the road as he can't afford his insurance or gas. Sad to see people get trapped in these situations

Thanks for the concern I am planning on going to community college and working at the same time, my parents will help with paying for my college. The school is about 8 miles from my house so I plan on using it to commute and get better parking cause its a zoo haha, then hopefully when I get married I think the husky will hold value the best and I will be able to sell it if I need to

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