I am in need of a 2002 KX250 rear rim. What years interchange?

I was working on my bike today and while changing the rear tire, I found a nice crack in the side of the rim.  I am wondering if any of you KX gurus out there know what years interchange?  Also if anyone knows of where I could pick one up on the cheep.  Thanks

Anyone? Has anyone had any luck having a cracked rim welded?

Just the rim or the whole wheel?


Just the rim, any 19" x 2.14 36 spoke rim works.  Complete wheel 98-02 KX250's.  IIRC 97 and older only have 2 wheel bearings but still work.  How bad is the crack anyway?  I rode on cracked rims and never had problems.  Just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get bigger.  It's not like the wheel is going to explode or anything.  

I had the rim welded.  I will let everyone know how it holds up. Honestly I do not expect any problems with it.

be warry of buying one off ebay if you go that route. i lost 50 bucks on an advertised 00 wheel, turns out the bearing and hub were off. Good luck in your search, im still casually looking for a rear so i can finish out my 02 KX project.

I know.  I had the rim welded.  Cosmetically it is not perfect but it should be strong enough. 

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