1993 cr 250 2 stroke


got this bike recently and it doesn't kick start so i have taken electrical system all apart and found one problem so i replaced it. now i put it all back together but same result so i started working on the carb and found a lot of dirt in there i cleaned it out and put it back together again. this time the bike only start when i bum start it but still wont kick start. im out of ideas need some help please.






also i have another dirt bike its a 2001 cr 250 2 stroke and it has an anti freeze leaking problem i took off the cylinder head and sanded it with 300 grit sand paper and doubled up on gaskets to make sure the piston wouldn't hit the cylinder head and it worked for a little wile and then i started leaking again i don't know what to do i want to see if i can save the cylinder head but if there's nothing i can do i will buy a new one and is it possible to make you own gasket for that bike?

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Where is your coolant going? Crankcase? Cylinder? If its going into the crankcase you need a new water pump seal.

its going into the cylinder 

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