problems after flip over

Well flipped my 2012 over and it got stuck upside down running for 10 to 15 seconds on the  bars get back to the truck to find oil all over airfilter and past filter in the air boot I  cleaned it out of airboot and fliter go riden next few times to find gas in oil problem for the fist time im guessing the injector got oil in it and it if is shot ? Could this happen  any thoughts  thanks Joe.

Pull the throttle body, pull the injector, and 'cycle' clean the nozzle (go on you tube for instructions).

Clean the TB with spray brake cleaner only.

Do no touch/remove the TPS from the TB.

thanks will do I will report back what happends

Update put in new injector and removed bake fire screen no more gas in oil working great time to do more riding thank u tt

Had my 2012 upside down a few times as well. Luckily I did not get gas in the oil. Where did you flip your bike?

Periods. Use them.

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