need rebuilding info xr600r

Need to know what xr600r engines will interchange my 1985 xr600r. Or what cylinders, heads and crank, fit on 85 xr600r want to go to a single carb. ( I know there is a carb alinement problem ) It needs to be rebuilt, cylinder head and crank and where to get best parts. Carbs sticks at a high idle when warm up and leak but if you rev engine it  goes down. Anyone know where to get hp rating for all xr600r.

Any XR600 or XL600 twin or single carb motor will go in it,,even a 650L motor will go in ..all basically the same mount points..nothing much needs doing in that department if you were simply swapping in an engine.


How do you know the engine actually needs it blowing a lot of blue/white smoke???If not it may be that the carbs could simply need a bit of work/love..


HP has nothing to do with anything much if you want to swap motors around.


No idea where you'd get the best deal on parts,,the things are cheap in the States anyway..


The head/bore swapping stuff is more technical..Search "XR/XL engine parts interchange" here and see if anything comes up..

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