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carburetor issues

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Just bought a 99 wr 400, it hadn't been started in a year engine wise everything is stock except for an fmf can, got it to idle any throttle would bog it down, after while was able to give it throttle, got it in to first bogged down and died couldn't get it going again, lots of fuel leaking out of black tube coming from bottom of carb, haven't been able to fire it up again, 


I don't know much but my guess is at first my idler jet was working and main jet clogged then main jet unclogged and i was able to give it throttle, not positive, I've been reading that the carb on the 99's is a POS, any suggestions as far as should I do a rebuild or buy a carb from a newer bike? 

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Just rebuild it.

It is normal for a bike that sits to have problems.

You have to rebuild ALL of it for it to work correctly.

Replace all the brass and all the rubber, and soak the body in simple green (if it's all green and corroded inside) and you will be fine

You should clean the gas tank, fuel line and petcock at the same time.

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