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Rust in Accelerator pump spray nozzle 98 YZ400F

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Friends 98 YZ 400F - likely been sitting 3 years -


Rust / sand in Accelerator pump spray nozzle and I cant get it out - nozzle is Plugged Solid -

can not see hole in spray nozzle -


Float bowl had some rust and some sand -


To fix I have tried compressed air / vacuum / - solvents -


I was a MC mechanic and have fixed this problem many times in the past-


Fished around in passageway going to spray nozzle with small copper wire

to see if I could loosen crud - did not work --


Filled passage way with Liquid Wrench and soaking over night -


if that dose not work  considering filling passageway with

some rust dissolving  acid  for a few minutes --


Any one have The Trick for fixing this --













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Soak entire assembly (submerged) in Evaporust for 48-72 hours, or more. Evaporust available at Harbor Freight.

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Do not soak the carb in any form of solvent or you will destroy the  carb body seal, which cannot be replaced.



What you are doing now is the safest course of action.


If you can submerge the portion of the carb the holds the pump nozzle without submerging the rest of the carb, especially the body screws, then you can use what ever chemical you want.

I have used a small plastic 'cap' to cover the nozzle, carb upside down, and filled the cap with brass cleaner mixed with MEK and liquid wrench, and let it soak for days, with success.

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filled Accelerator pump spray nozzle passageway with Liquid wrench over night  (LW) -

still no love --


So I filled passageway with Phosphoric acid (metal prep for auto painting )


let it soak for 30 minutes - then back flushed it with compressed air -

( acid did react with aluminum some )


It loosened up enough crap so a Tiny amount of air would pass threw -


Filled passageway with Liquid wrench Many times and back flushed with air -


Finally looks like I got it mostly clear -but am soaking passageway with LW more -


I think the acid is what did the trick - but has to be used Carefully --

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