Riding the Rockies Video on my FE450

Every year for the last several years, friends from CA and FL come and we ride in Colorado.  Here is a clip of us ridge riding. 


My buddy from FL enjoys it so much he shipped his '01 CR250 to me 4 years ago.  I keep in my garage, he flies out once a year for this ride.  Some pretty special times.  By the way, the last song was played by my friend Todd on my kid's guitar.  Even with 7 post ride beers in him, the man can play :)


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Nice video. Thanks for posting.

 awesome dude!  watching that makes me want to ride.that was cool you were able to take off in the middle of that climb,those bergs are tractors.

good gawd- dont post videos like that. I might have to call a real estate agent to sell my house and move-lol

Thanks guys.  I know these videos are way too long, but we had way too much fun!


Here is the 2nd part, featuring my patented rear facing helmet camera trick and some comedic bike dropping episodes, and the full drunken rendition of Trent Reznor's "Hurt" on my kid's guitar at the end  :)


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