93 KDX250

I have a 93 KDX250 that I just bought it today for only $500! I read a lot about it before I bought it and from my understanding its pretty much a 2 stroke with the brute of a 4 stroke at low end. I want to convert this bike into a "supermoto" but I will not be competing in anything or anything like that I just want to ride it on the road as a street bike kind of. I bought the bike and the only thing wrong with it really is that the shifter is stripped out. Of course there are other things that need to be done too, like hopefully repainting it/getting all the flat black crappy paint the kid that had it before me had on it off and get it back to its original kawi green former glory. It also needs the carb probably re-jetted because it has a pro-circuit pipe to an FMF turbine, the headlight bands are snapped on one side, the rear brake does not work at all, seems to me like the rear wheel bearings are bad, the carb needs to be cleaned, the fork seals are leaking, the rear fender was cut and the rear brake light was cut off with it, I don't have the title for the 93 frame but it is not stolen and I have a 91 frame that I got with it that I do have the title for so I'm going to have to switch everything over to that frame, probably needs new pads all around, kickstand, I need to lower the bike because it is a little too tall for me, I know the EX500 ninja rims fit some supermoto's. I was wondering what rims would fit my bike that are wider then mine that I can put street tires on or if I can just use the rims I have now.  I also heard something about having to change the piston on 2 strokes every 50-60 hours which might be a problem if I am using it to ride around town on every once in a while. Also, I was wondering what type of fluids to use on it if I'm going to be riding it the way I want. Here are some pictures of it 


Ronnie Mac front fender! :thumbsup:

:bonk: Fredrick Mac Factory pipe too. ANYWAYS, any useful information? lol

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If you plan on keeping your budget low id sell it now. It may have been cheap to start but it's price will most likely triple-quadruple before its on the road/your happy with it.

Well so far I've put around $100 into it which is nothing but I got a new shifter (The old one was stripped out because the PO did not tighten it when he put it on :naughty: ) new fork seals, rear wheel bearings, and new rear brake pads. I kind of figured by the end it would be up in the thousands or so but its a project over time. I know I'm going to need rims and street tires, what would be your suggestion? SM rims and tires for them?

I don't know too much about supermoto, but I would assume that they are the same rims, if so I would go with some excel rims

If you do decide to part it out let me know. I would be interested in a few parts.

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