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Muffler tip

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Hey all new member here hi from Australia.

Just brought a 2004 250x, (just had it sent in to get the valves done, yay me, $1300 later). Still a wicked bike lots of fun, I'm upgrading from an xr250. Just a quick question, I have seen a muffler tip on eBay fits on the stock muffler, removes the spark arrestor and baffles by the looks of it. Do yas reckon its a good cheap little investment, I'm not overly interested in an aftermarket pipe just yet(ill work on the misses to get me one for Xmas ;) ) I'm more looking for the brap brap noise more so than power, it's got enough for me just yet.

Here's the link


Any help would be appreciated

Cheers boys love the forum

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Glad you mentioned you were from Austraila because wise you would have gotten a different response. Removing the baffles will give you a bit more power and certainly noise. But can you run in Austraila with out a spark arrestor? You can't legally here in the us if you ride on public lands.

Look to re-jet if you change the tip.


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I have this 2R power tip.

it certainly a good billet part. great throaty sound and good engine response with more torque.

but after 2 months i've switched back to stock end (4 screws, 2 minutes)

it's not due to noise leve restriction or spark arrestor (it actually ahve a small holes net to add inside)

what i found for me is that in tight stuff, technical rides the sound of the open tip is confusing me from feeling the actaul enine state.

i've tackled obastacles with less gas due to the sound and so one, the quiet engine give me more "head cleareance" to pull the revs.

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