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3x3 revisited; air pathway?

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the 3x3 is what everybody does to the S/SM.

The E already has a 3x3.

The E is 41RWHP and 400cc's.


But is 3x3 enough with the 440, 462, 470 and 485's with up to 50% more HP?

I guess yes, because 3x3 is way wider then 39 or 41mm fcr's





What is the air pathway leading to the 3x3, and is that big enough?


So i looked closely at that.

There is an opening right under the seat, left and right of the airbox.

Suzuki made an  1.5 inch wide opening in the upper edge of the plastics right where the aibox is located.

The seat has compementing 'walls' at that location.

(Need pics here. Will make some.)


I think the opening / wall combo is there to feed the 3x3 with non-turbulent air, from a high-up point.

Right under the seat ridge. Yes air will flow from more holes but they are all limited in size or partially blocked.


The openings are way smaller then 3x3.\

Should we  enlarge the under seat openings?




As a sidenote IIRC eddie s. wrote about completely removing the airbox roof?

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