Nooooooo! Popped a spoke...wheel ok?

Hey guys


So I noticed on my last moto, my rear wheel was wobbling like crazy...I knew I came up WAY short on this one jump and after looking at my rear wheel, it looks like a spoke came off and was just hanging. Now my wheel wobbles....


Do I need a new wheel? did it warp? can i just try and get the spoke back in? I don't want to do anymore damage if it's salvageable. I'd rather not spend $200 for another wheel :(

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Most likely you did bend the rim slightly which is why the spoke popped and it wobbles.

A single spoke is of little consequence. If the wheel is wobbling you have multiple spokes loose and allowing the rim to lose its shape and true. All that is really needed is taking the time to do the maintenance you ignored. True the rim and if all the other spokes are good, go riding. Just be sure to ck things more often. And remember, there is another wheel to be checked. When you change tires replace the lost spoke.

I should clarify. I still have the spoke. I just put it back in, and there were Def a lot of loose spokes... tightened them and tried to tighten on opposite side of wobble...but she still wobbles a good amount. ..

new rim time?



PS- I pretty often tighten spokes on my bike, so lets not act like a prick. I am looking for feedback, not a nasty dim-witted response based of a completely inaccurate assumption.

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You should be able to true it back up taking your time adjusting the spokes...  Expect it to take a while though...



PS- He wasn't acting like a prick, with a nasty dim-witted response based off of a completely inaccurate assumption.  Not sure that its possible to get a "lot of loose spokes" from one hard landing...  I mean you could...  but your rim would look more square than round.  If you didn't verify your spokes were tight before the ride with the hard landing....   then you didn't check them often enough.

Good ol' internet misinterpretation.  I didn't think he was being a prick either.  He offered up some pretty good info.  Im a little slack on my spoke maintenance too.

Try loosening some spokes and tightening others to get it back to true.  Just make sure you do the correct ones or it'll be out further.  The more patients you have the better it'll turn out.

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