1994 XR 650L with spark only on first engine rotation.



This is my first post, hello to all and safe riding.


I joined a few months back after my purchase of a 2012 650L. Liked the bike so much I recently bought a

1994 XR 650L and the bike has started acting up. Here is the issue:


I bought the bike a week ago as running and rideable, I took it for a spin before purchase, ran fine. Got it home and changed out the rear tire tube for a slow leak. Changed the oil and during this process, went to start the bike to get the first part of the new oil circulating, (did nothing more to the bike). The bike would not start, turns over but no start. After turning the fuel valve off and then to on and then reserve, tried again. No start. A few more times of this and she backifired, started and died. A few more times of the off, on and the reserve, she starts and idles, put in gear she still idles, sat for about a minute waiting for it to die, still idles fine. Take off down my street, dies in about 100 yards. I checked the fuel delivery, getting plenty out of the petcock and the float bowl has gas (checked via the drain screw and drain tube on the float bowl). Check spark with a screw driver inserted into the plug boot and then held next to the header pipe. I have spark (nice white spark) but only on the first engine rotation, nothing more as the motor cranks over. So I turn off the key and try it again, same thing, spark but only on the first rotation, nothing after. Tried this 4 times, same thing, spark only on the first rotation. Bike still will not start with any reliability and has an occasional backfire. I really think this is electrical in nature. Any ideas as to why it is doing this?


Thanks in advance.

smack the back of the CDI first......then if it starts see the CDI repair thread at the top of this forum...


Dirty kill switch,bad pulse Gen.......ground bolt under the seat needs cleaning...these are the most common,


But smack the back of the CDI with a screwdriver handle sharply,,if ot runs,you need a CDI...it`s the easiest place to start diagnosing a no start..



Look like it was the CDI. Sharp rap made it start twice in a row. Will try some more later. Thanks a bunch to both of you!!!

nice work guys !

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