Highway Gearing

What setup in terms of sprockets or other gearing would provide a semi happy medium for some highway riding {trips to my favorite fishing holes, & when i get to the trails off the highway, i can still negotiate some tight trail riding to get to the hot spots.

I would like to be comfortable at riding speeds up to 70 mph. for a distance of 50 miles or so. Is this doable on a WR 450 F ???

Any other mods that need to be considered for this type of riding ???

What speeds can i comfortably travel at without revving the crap out of the bike with stock sprockets ???

16 or 17 tooth front sprocket. Ist gear will be tall for really tight stuff without fanning the clutch a lot. I rode around Moab a little on the highways up to 70 mph with stock gearing. It is fine as long as you dont do it regularily. Change your oil a lot if you are going to do that and consider a dot rear. :)

I have never seen anything bigger than a 15 and I don't think anything bigger than a 15 will fit without removeing the case saver. I run a 14/51 spoket set and top out at 75mph. For the best info I would check out some supermotard posts and/or sites. I would think 14/45 or better. Once you go smaller in the rear you will lose bottom end so for off road I don't know how you will like that. Like INDY said lots of clutch fanning. 2cents

DOT. Tires will be for sure. I really hope that this bike will be suitable for short highway {20-50 mile} runs a couple of times a week for three months or so. I do alot of Salmon fishing & the headlight & ease of dual conversion was the basis for this purchase. My bike arrives in Febuary.

Any mods that will aid in this purpose will be great.

I already have a Kx 500 for going berzerk on, & for winter riding {1200 titanium ice cleats !!!} A real meat grinder...LOL !!!

What does a stock 450 top out at ???

How hard do they rev in terms of rpm at 60 -70 mph ???

Maybe i can't have my cake & eat it to.

Maybe i'll have to truck my new bike to the off highway trails. I have rigged a headlight of sorts on my KX 5OO, but it is a task in the tight stuff & not a smooth operator at low rpm. I'm usually spent before i reach some fishing spots, & then i have to tackle them again to return to my truck !!!

The WR will be a God send !!! Even if i have to truck it sometimes.

A definite sprocket setup would be great, if possible to do what i would like.

Thanks for any replies & suggestions.

My 01WR426 with stock 14/50 gearing hit 89 mph across Soggy Dry lake bed before It started hitting the rev limiter. So as you can see you can do 70 no problem. I don't like running my bike on the street at constant speeds above 55 mph for an extended length of time. The motor sounds like it's just working to hard. But these bikes are more then willing to rev out. They say that adding a tooth to the front is like taking three off the back. I would start there and see how she runs. If still not up to par then start dropping teeth on the rear sprocket. I would guess that a 15/48 would be a happy medium. Good luck. Let us know how it works out.

I did 15/46 gearing on my WR400 for a street ride in the north GA mountains. We cruised at 75-80 mph all day with no problems. I was running Avon Gripster tires and they worked great. Of course, for woods riding I went right back to 14/50 and my IRC trials tires.

FWIW: My dualsported 03 WR450 (stock except free mods), On OEM knobs :D, recorded a best top speed of 97.4mph (slight downhill) but normally it will hit the limiter between 94-95mph on dry level pavement. I can't remember which, but redline rpm should be either 10K or 11K. As for durability at higher rpms? I've got 2200 miles on mine, 95% highway & street and no probs (yet) :D I have a digital tachometer I plan on installing soon but untill then I have no way to guess rpms at normal highway speeds yet :).

My advice to you is to put a 15 on the counter. The bigger you go on the front helps out with the chain rubbing on the swingarm slider, the counter is real easy to change too, I keep a 15 in my toolbox for really fast dualsport rides, they work great.... My WR with stock jetting and WR timing with a TI4 pipe and a 15 counter hit 105mph on the street, beating all of my friends 525s (geared tall) and powered up XR650s.. (Garmin 12 and Garmin 3plus GPS readings,10 witnesses).

Dan :)

On the '04 WR450f using the stock 14/50 sprockets as the base you should get:

+7mph at the same rpm's in 5th gear, using 15/50

+8mph at the same rpm's in 5th gear, using 14/46

+16mph at the same rpm's in 5th gear, using 15/46

i have tried stock 14/50 works ok,14/51(runs outa top end a bit fast!)ok for tight stuff though,15/51(fair gives you good speed)if i was going to be doing that kinda work i would look at 15/50,15/49,it should still be ok off road with this,and give you a good tank range(depending on the round trip!),try and find a rear that works well between the 14&15 front(less hassle to change the front sprkt) :)

What are the stock sprockets sizes {teeth}???

I'll be doing some highway cruising at speeds between 60-70 mph 50-60 mile round trip.

I'll also be taking a cross country trip of 600 miles soon after my new bike arrives on a rail bed that has been taken up for about 10 years now.

I done this trip on a 1996 KLX 650 R 3 years ago & another friend had a WR 400 & another done it on a 1986 XR 250 R.

We have 6 going this year.

This will be done before my warranty is over.

I would sure like to have a happy medium with my sprockets.

Rather than changing them a few times $$$

14/50 is stock

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