Honest HP gains with head porting

Thinking of getting the head ported on my 270. I normally ride MX/GP on a 450 but this 270 is starting to work on me. So far stock cams and exhaust. I'm gonna order a full dr D or FMF exhaust. Was thinking hot cams but if I decide to port maybe matches cams? I don't want a fire breather that is hard to start and unreliable. Just some more overal power and enjoy the light weight of the bike.

I have over 400 hrs on my yz250f(285f) that has the 269BB kit, ported head, stg 1/2 hotcams, stroker crank and full exhaust. Starts easily and so far it been as reliable as stock. 

Well I may go with the stroker crank now. I bought a 2012 today with blown motor. Pulled it apart and the counterbalancer and cases are broken. Ugh. Wasn't planning on that. So I'm thinking might as well stroke it.

How does your bike pull compared to stock? Any vibration with the crank/piston combo?

I know 3 h.p. can be gained for a fact. Here is a link to my dyno tests. I said I was going to do some needle testing on my 250 and I'll get to that one day. I just bought an 03 YZ450F and have been busy getting it set up and stuff fixed (some of it previous owner induced). Clay



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