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TM 400 '03 clutch master cylinder and clamp torques

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Servicing TM 400 enduro, with no avalable data. Wondering which oil to pour into clutch master, dot 4 or magura type blood (ATF).

Its a '03 model, with full ohlins, but time and maintainance lack sure shows on it.

Master cyl cover gasket has expanded and is disintegrading, also master leaks everywhere and there was completely mangled oring jamed in the return spring, dont even know which groove it came off, as there is none available. There's no text other than TM racing on the machined cap.

Need parts! can be used or generic.


Also, servicing the front ohlins 46mm, can someone confirm the torque for upper and lower clamps, regular gold, not billet.


Any pdf manuals available?


Bike is good, but support is ZERO. even from manufacturers and firstline dealers (UK dealer didnt know which oil to use - it could be any of them)

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Use Dot 4 in clutch master.


Can you take a picture of the master to see which master it is? Will be AJP or Grimeca.

Grimeca part is available. Part 64253

AJP no more parts. (Replace with Brembo unit)

Top clamp is 23nm (M8)

Bottom is 21nm (M8)


Support is here.  :thumbsup:

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Hello to a maybe new friend and TM Racing Motorcycle owner,


 I will do my best to answer all you questions & hopefully help you Enjoy your 2004 TM-400 Enduro.


1st The clutch master cylinder/pump, that was used in 2004 was a "AJP" master cylinder/pump.

      The only fluid to use in this "AJP" clutch master cylinder/pump was High Temp DOT-4 (ONLY) 

      NOTE- All TM Racing Motorcycles that used "GRIMECA", "AJP, "BREMBO" Clutch Master Cylinder/pumps all and only used High Temp DOT-4. 


2nd By what you had said about the Rubber Seal/Cap and Top Cover that are swelling, on your "AJP' Clutch Pump along with your TM's Clutch not working correctly, I truly believe that someone/some how has installed or put some MINER OIL & or Magura Clutch Oil in your TM's Clutch Master cylinder/Pump. All the rubber Clutch parts for TM Racing M/C's are made to only work with Glycol Base High Temperature Lubricity / DOT-4 Brake Fluid. If Miner Oil even touches any of the Rubbr in the Master cylinder/Pump, Clutch Hose, Slave Cylinder (that is mounted on your Engine - LT. Side, in front of Drive sprocket), ALL rubber Part Must be replaced, or your TM's Clutch will never work correctly again.....Making you a very unhappy TM owner.

And I would Hate to see you Unhappy!


Note: BABY OIL is 100% MINERAL OIL (with a little Fragrance). So if you have a MAGURA Clutch Master Cylinder/Pump And want to same some $'s over the Magura Factory Oil....just buy Baby oil!

I have taught Oil & Fuel Technology or a little over 20 years, and I have learned a few things along the way....this is one. That I hope helps you or any one.


3rd Here is the TM Parts & part # that I would get to repair this TM if it was mine.

1 - 64252 / "AJP' Clutch pump re-build kit.

                          Or (if the top sealing cap is to badly swollen) try washing in Dish Soap "a lot" then put it in the Sun for a day, this something's helps. 


Note: ONLY was any Brake and/or Clutch parts that was DOT-3 and or DOT-4 in Dish Soap & Water.....ONLY! ..........Or you will be buying Parts!


1 - F64313 / "AJP" Complete Clutch Pump, with Decompression Release Lever Assy.. (if you can not repair the Sealing Cap) 

1 - F35503 HYD. Clutch Hose (Note: if your TM has Electric Start) order this one.

2 - 69034 Washer, Sealing (for 10mm Bonjo Bolt at Slave Cylinder (Note: can be used for the Hose above & below)

1 - 35263 - HYD. Clutch Hose ( Note: NO Electric Start on your TM) order this one.

1 - 12254 - O-Ring Mounting Slave Cylinder

2 - 12241 - O-Ring Piston, Clutch Slave

1 - BG-84032 - Ultra-Dry Flushing Formula Brake Fluid (High Temp DOT - 4)


If you have a late production 2004 TM, and you see that the Bonjo Bolt to the slave Cylinder has a 8mm head & a 6mm thread size And it looks Gold in color, then you need the 2005 Set-Up.


2 - 49104 - washer, sealing 6x10x1.5mm for smaller (6mm) Banjo bolt at Slave Cylinder.

1 - 35263.05 - HYD. Clutch Hose (Small new type that started production, very late 2004 to early 2005.

I do have everything you need to repair your TM Clutch Problem, if you need  and/or want my help.

Plus I can build you a 3 ring binder Shop, Service & Parts Manual for your TM Racing M/c's, for less then $20.00 U.S.D.'s

Just let me Know if I / David can help you, with your TM.....OK

Best of Luck & Enjoy Your TM Ride!!! Safely!!!!! But do not forget to Give Her a little HELL some TIMES!!

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Hi, a '03 model, E start. I went to specialized store to have 3 orings manufactured for slave cylinder, dot4 compatible.

Why special dot4?

Master cylinder picture with eaten diaphraghm added.


To confirm! magura oil was used, because unknowing mechanics advised so.

Master cylinder pushrod seals seem OK, but there was a partially consumed and broken oring mangled in the middle of the return spring, so I m researching as to where it should be positioned.


Also did a complete front ohlins overhaul. It was muddy sludge @ 1/3 quantity as from standard approx 570cc of fluid. Luckily no wear damage.


Nice man Chad Sterling from TM.ca sent me all manuals I needed, and by those books, clamps should be 20nm both?, I know yamaha has 21, 23.


Does brass piston in the clutch slave cylinder bottom completely, so its face recesses a few milimeter inside?

Because at some point, chain must've hit the cylinder and distorted the inner, smaller chamber a bit, so now, piston sits in only to the point, where its flat surface is flat to the slave cylinder flat surface. :)


Id did manage to find, that suzuki gsxr rear brake master has very similar diaphraghm cover as TM, so will first try that one, as it is much easier and faster to get. If not, order of full set is in place.


here is my newly discovered part code finder



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