2006 clutch problem

Went to go ride my bike for the first time in a month yesterday. Everything went fine ran it through all the gears then stopped for a minute; I tried to go again but the clutch won't engage. I can let it out and it only releases 1/2 the way, I have to push the clutch lever forward to have it grab, same thing when the bike is off. Any ideas what this would be.

Sounds like the cable is binding up. If it was a newer model from 10-13, the cable bracket usually breaks.

It's an 06. Cable seems to be fine though.

If you have to manually push the clutch out to make it engage, something is binding. Check the clutch springs to make sure they aren't broke. Luckily, everything is easy to get to so start at the top and work your way down. It can't be to hard to find but I would really look at that cable. Actually, disconnect it at the bottom and make sure that it is operating smooth with no binding at all. It may be frayed somewhere.

Did you install a new lever incorrectly? Crank up the lever pivot bolt so much that the lever is getting pinched by the perch and is getting hung up?

Thanks guys I will have to check it this weekend. Nothing new was installed

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