Carburetor tubing for YZ-250

Does any know the size of the vent tubes on the carb for the 2000 YZ-250 two stroke?  Mine are brittle and cracked now and need replaced. I am pretty sure the vent tubes are 1/8 inch id, but I don't know the standard size of the tube that leads down from the fuel petcock to the carburetor.  The fellow I bought the bike from also has an inline fuel filter on that line.  Thanks. 


The fuel line is 1/4 inch and the vent line is 1/8 inch.  (inner diameter)


The 1/4" fuel line will be a beeyotch to get on there, 5/16" is easier but you should have hose clamps on both ends to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. 


The actual fuel line is a metric size, don't know what it is, maybe someone will chime in with that info.

Go on ebay and type "1/8 primer line" you can get 10ft rolls of vent line for durt cheap.

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