450R frame with 450x engine HELP!

hello everyone


picked up what i thought was a 450x last week, has full mot, lighting kit etc, however i checked the frame number with honda and they tell me its a 2005 450r frame and a 2007 crf 450x engine. its got a battery etc.


what i need to know is, will it just be the rolling chassis from the 450r? or will it be plastics/fuel tank etc aswell? or are these not interchangable?


thinking about selling her but if i can work out weather its 90% 450r and just the engine is the X then ill keep her.


any help is much appreciated



If you'd post some detail pictures of the frame and engine I should be able to answer your questions.

yeah sure, what pictures would you like specifically?



Almost nothing fits from the R to the X.

Completely different frame, plastics, etc.

The '05  R is the closest to the X, but still is very different.

Any pic will do. It will be obvious.

Do you have an air box door, or do you have to remove the seat... where is the battery....is it close ratio...etc

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Ill get some pics up tonight when i get in. Its got an airbox door on the left hand number board. Battery is located under the seat on its side. Tops out at about 76mph.


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heres some pics. any ideas what is R and what is X?



2013-09-09 06.30.53.jpg

2013-09-09 06.31.14.jpg

2013-09-09 06.31.04.jpg

Looks like an X with a non-factory headlight.

Yeah, an X with a Polisport headlight and aftermarket radiators.

That's an X motor in an X frame with Fluidyne radiators and R shrouds.

what about that teeny fuel tank tho --- that's either an R tank, or an 08-up X tank

I'm fairly certain that it is in fact an R frame. Can you give me a close up shot of the frame downtube where it splits from single into two?Also one of the frame where the petcock mounts. One of the right side of the frame where the lower sub frame mount and midpipe bracket are located.

thanks for all the replies! ill grab some more pictures today and chuck them up tonight. (im uk time).


i did check the frame on the honda website with the frame number and it did come back with a 2005 frame, but its a 2007 x engine according to the engine number and its registered as an x.


i just need to work out weather its worth keeping it or if its a load of bikes put into one :/ because finding parts is gonna be a bitch if its a mixture..



to me it looks like an X frame, but the lower frame rails where they split in two look like an R frame as they are squarer... so it might be an R frame, it probably is. i would say its made purely of crf r and x mostly an R, but it has x airbox, and carb and motor and exaust, so maybe someone wanted an electric start mx bike... fuel tank also appears to be an R tank along with shrouds. but im probably wrong...

Hi mate,

I think its a 450R frame - the side stand bracket is all wrong. It looks like a 450r peg mount with a home made bracket for the stand. Also, that tank is too small for an 07x, that should have a larger tank. Frame numbers can't lie!




Here is my 07 R with the Baja designs kit... For comparisons.... 1378812793788.jpg


Also my kickstand isn't home made its a trail tech I believe, uses footpeg mounts to attach to the bike


If it is an R frame it's probably just the frame because you have the X subframe. I also remember there being fitment issues between the X and the R boot if I remember correctly.

Thanks for all your replys. So its definatley an R frame. We think an x subframe. X engine etc. X rear panels and tail and r tank and shrouds. Are the forks the same for both models? My front wheel hasnt got a speedo gear. Its got a trailtech magnet speedo. The side stand mounts onto the back of the footpeg.

What are peoples opinions on keeping it or shifting it? Im turning it into a supermoto with new plastics and graphics so its gonna be a pain to get half and half parts.

Cheers guys, i just dunno what to do about it

x airbox and exhaust, and ride it and decide 

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