brake pads wont open /come apart?

Don't really know how to word the title haha but I took off my rear wheel and then was going to put it back in but the brake disc wouldn't fit inside the two brake pads so I hit the rear brake lever and they closed together and won't open. What should I do I'm still learning. And the bike is a 97 rm125 thanks

Take a pair of channel locks and gently squeeze the piston (behind the inner brake pad), then separate the pads by hand and install wheel.

or you could use a C clamp

crack the bleeder screw, and compress the piston. Refill, and bleed the rear brake when you have everything back together. Its probably old, crappy fluid in there anyways, and needs to be renewed. When you are done the rear, do the front. Fresh brake fluid is never a bad idea.

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