Yz 250f 14


I was today at the gp in lierop NL.There i saw the first time the new yz 250f. My first Impression: i doesn't look like a 250.it looks so huge and big...i wonder how she runs on the track...



Personally I think it looks like a Lego project gone wrong. lol


Technische Daten:




Is that like a GYTR version of it in the background? I noticed the different graphics and headpipe.

Jap gytr Version :)


Ich denke yamaha wird noch weniger yz's verkaufen.

I think yamaha will have big probs by selling this yz's..here in germany nobody runs the new 450 ( from 2010-) ...and i feel that will happen to the new yz 250f too.

The 450 14 is in my point of few a " Flugzeugträger "

Jap gytr Version :)

Ah very cool.

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I don't think they'll have any problems selling them. I've been waiting for an injected YZ250F for years as I'm sure many others have as well. I put a deposit down for the first one my dealer gets and can't wait for it to get here some time next month.

Personally I think it looks like a Lego project gone wrong. lol


I didnt love it at first, more I see it, more i like it tho. Was pretty good at lego's in my day though...I could make it work.

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