XR 400 Wheels

Hi All


Has anyone replaced any spokes on a rear wheel on a XR400, they seem to be straight pull, but is it possible to take out a couple of seized spokes and replace them with new ones with out taking the wheel apart?


I had a problem with a old Triumph years a go looked a simple job to replace a broken spoke getting the new on was not as easy.

It's not a big deal at all, they can be replaced.

easy?? i thought so... but i can't get the hub side of the spoke past the other spokes... seems locked in...


i just left it and have rode it like that for more than a year...



If it lands on the outside, easy. If it lands on the inside, you probably have to pull 2 others. Worst case 3, but they're not in a row so shouldn't be bad.

Thank you for your replies.

Just force it,bend it.bend it back no big deal

Just force it,bend it.bend it back no big deal

That's what I had to do with my Triumph, did panic a bit as I had cut the old one out and then it was a little harder than I thought to get the ne one in !!

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