i need help figuring out my rmx250

hi, i just purchased a 1993 rmx 250 (suzuki)  and i did some research cause i couldnt find where to put oil or if it was premix.



so i did and then a forum said its premix then another forum said something about crank case oil and then yet another said you got to have gear oil.  so what kind of oils do i need?


1. is it premix or oil injected

2. crank case oil...whats this and where do i drain it/ pour new oil in (ive never heard of crank case oil before)

3.gear oil, again where do i put it in (if there is gear oil, im so confused)


i drained some type of oil from it but the crank case still had oil in it...alot of oil.  the bolt was towards the back of the bike where i drained the oil, is this gear oil or what.  im really REALLY confused and i dont want to ride it until i have all the oil and everything figured out.  thanks in advanced!!



maybe im just read something about a 4 stroke...but they clearly said rmx250.

Should be a premix bike. Run 32:1 with a good oil and you'll be fine. The crank case is oiled by the oil in the gas, so there should be no need to worry about it. Gear oil is just engine oil, use 10w-40. There should be a "dipstick" on the right side of the motor, and a plug on the bottom of the motor to drain it.

Yes premix at 32:1. The gear oil filler cap is on the right side of the motor. The drain plug is exactly where you would expect it to be. Enjoy it. I loved mine.

Exactly. +2

They are good bikes. Have fun.

Google is your friend. Get acquainted.

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