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HELP! 1980 Yamaha MX175G

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so i was given a 1980 Yamaha mx175, awesome shape, just had no spark at the time, re-wired everything to and from the cdi box, and a new coil, then it had a nice spark, ran o.k. for a bit, the just ran like crap for a while, so i saved up some money and started a semi-resto (sorta) i spent over 500 on engines stuff and over 150 on grips, sprockets, brake pads... ect. so today i got it all together, compression was right on 150, took it for a little ride and was kinda lag-ish, like it didnt want to rev at all, so i shut it off, topped it back up with gas, and then it ran o.k. once again and then died out on me 10 minutes from home, so i pushed it all the way back, and changed spark plugs from a b9es to a E3 3.31 which is suppose to replace it, ran then died instantly... checked the compression and now its at 135 psi...

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