Crank question

Hey guys really like this forum and thanks for all the info so far. But I do have a question I need your input on. I have an 06 250yz that the rod bearing crapped out on stock bottom end I can't complain I race d37 desert expert class so it's been hammered on for a long time. The question I have is would you rebuild or replace the crank the parts and labor to rebuild will be as much as a new hot rods crank that I can install myself. Please give me your opinions thanks, and does anyone have the Wr 3-5 link in the stickies it does not let me access it thanks Brett.

I would rather have my OEM crank rebuilt with OEM rod and bearing (pro x) than installing a new hot rods crank assembly ( made in taiwan ). Some people have had good results and some bad, but more bad results compared to OEM rebuild failure . Or just get new OEM crank :smirk:

Gotcha I have a complete oem crank out of a friends bike I guess ill have it inspected and install it!

watch this video, it shows the weakness in the yz250 crank and how they fix it, I would send it to these guys for a rebuild. they get it closer to true than a new oem crank out of the box!


139$ and you get a better than new crank with a pro x rod (high quality japanese rod rebuild kit)



Thanks for that video I will be calling him and arranging it for him to build the crank

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