Powerband disappeared

I have an 01 cr125 and today when I rode it was like there was no powerband. Couple days ago it was fine. The linkage arm moves freely by hand. I don't know what it could be. Any help is appreciated.

sounds to me like the dirtbike gods took it from you!

Have you checked to see if your powervalve is operating correctly while running?  It should be outlined how to do this in your manual.  Have you checked your reeds?  Bad reeds can cause all kinds of issues.

I will check the reeds this afternoon, I didn't know that could be a problem. I read on another forum that maybe the cdi, I will have to check my manual to see how to test cdi

looks like a fellow racer came and stole your power band. hope it wasn't an over priced purple one!

But really...crack your PV cover off. and see if they are functioning. if not, then their is something up with your driving mechanism. i had a 99 125 that the drive clutch that opens the PV blew apart( plastic peace broke and let the ball bearings out)

What you call drive mechanism, same thing as govenor?

yes, the govenor. that would be the name i was digging at.

if it comes out broken. i have one from a 99CR125. almost brand new. put a new one in my 99 and about 10 hours later my crank took out a case.

The power valves operate fine while running. About to check reeds and I guess check compression while I'm at it.

Compression is around 120

was that a hot or cold comp test?

Reeds are in good condition. So I don't know


is it just bogging out? is your carb nice and clean? are you getting good fuel flow?  filter nice and clean?

Yeah I cleaned it yesterday.

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