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2001 YZ426f Blown Head Gasket Project

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Hello I have a yz125 and love it but I've been wanting to try a 4 stroke and after some research the yz425f seems like a great choice. I'm also interested in learning how to repair bikes myself and how their engine work ect.

So when I saw a 2001 yz426f for $600 that had a blown head gasket I was very interested. Here's what I'm wondering though. I have absolutely no experience, especially not with a 4 stroke. Would it be possible for me to be able fix it myself with the help of YouTube videos and forums? I really wouldn't want to take it to a shop but if I couldn't get it figured out how much do you think they would charge me to repair it? And if I tried it myself is it easily possible for me to make it much worse?

Here's some details on the bike:

"I have a 2001 yz426f with many mods, but everything above the cylinder is taken off, because I blew a headgasket, just haven't had time to put back together...."

"I want around 600 for it, its got full white bros exhaust, blue pro wheel rims, new tires, acrebis white plastic, bar risers, protaper bars, blue accents on motor, aftermarket sprockets, and some more sruff and comes with a big bucket of brand new oem parts."

Also this person says he doesn't know much about it, that he traded a snowmobile for it then it blew the gasket shortly after and now he wants to sell it to buy a new sled.

Thanks for your help!

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Should I try to get it for less than $600? There's a 2001 yz426 in my area that "runs good" for $1200 and other similar bikes in my area are $1400 - $1600.

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  1. you are not familiar with this particular bike
  2. you are not familiar with this model
  3. you have "no experience" (don't know if that means mechanical skills too)
  4. it's apart, and you don't really know why, or even if the whole thing is there

Do YOU think you should buy it?  I don't.  It could be a great project, and wonderful learning experience, and a great deal in the end, but odds are more that it will be an expensive, frustrating, disappointing pile of junk in your garage for years to come.  Might even make you hate motorcycles. 


The step up from a 125 to a YZ426 is enormous.  You may not even like the thing.  I'd say go wave $900 in cash money at the guy selling his for 1200, if it's not a beat up rat.

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