84 - 86 IT200 reed block spacer?

Has any one tried a reed block spacer on there IT200?? If so was there any difference?? Good, Bad?? Lower Rpm's, Mid range?? Upper Rpm's??

H'mm, 41 views and no one has ever tried it to see if it makes a difference??

try it out your asking about an old bike must people didn't own so your just gonna have to go it on your own here. i don't really recall very many performance mod's being done to those bikes then.

i have a it also, mine is 100 % original still, i think its fine as it sets but anyway.

if you go to yamahaitforms.com , there are a lot of guys on there that just do the vintage it stuff, you would be more likely to find info on a site that is for vintage stuff and not late model stuff.

most riders today don't know what a it is or what makes it go, for me i'm old enough i bought and raced one new, now i found a like new one i use for vintage racing and have never has some much fun. 

for me i think its perfect blend of torque and power for trail work as the bike was designed for, i race modern enduro's on a modded yz with a 295 kit etc, but that 200 is a blast to race too.

H'mm, 41 views and no one has ever tried it to see if it makes a difference??


The ITs have been out of production for nearly 30 years now.  There are very few people who have actually seen one let alone ride them in this forum.  I personally have always loved the IT line.  Fell in love with my '84 IT490 and am working on bringing an '83 IT490 back from the brink.


You may get some better answers in the vintage forum, or try posting your question over at http://www.yamahait.com.au/ as they have a ton of information on the old ITs and it is a very active board.

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