Wiring harness question

Today, I smelled something burning, and I noticed part of my wiring harness was resting on my exhaust (and, melted). Luckily, it's probably the least important piece... two wires that go to the rear brake master. But, I can't figure out where this plugs in... does anyone know? 

The parts fiche is no help.


Thanks in advance.

Was it for a rear brake switch?

Yeah, it is simply the rear brake light switch. The front brake still activates the brake light (so, I'm sorta "ok" on the road). It doesn't look long enough to plug into something under the tank, so I'm baffled as to where it belongs.

Your harness may not have the connector in it, my RR had the front brake light operational but norear brake switch  wiring. Or it may be wrapped up in the harness above. 

It was connected, or I wouldn't have passed NY State inspection, hehe. (Yeah, they check for that.) Maybe when I take a fresh look at it tonight I'll figure it out. Hopefully.

Found it... the connector was tied behind the frame, and could only be seen from the opposite side of the bike (and barely).

Got lucky, and happened to have a matching connector on hand- that never happens!

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