The infamous CARB sticker ....?

I'm wondering if anyone has a 2007 or California plated bike with a carb sticker on it.

Wondering if they could possibly show a pic so I know what I'm looking for here in case I but another bike or a possible frame that may have this sticker on it.

Have yet to see one...:/

Pm is fine as well.

Thanks for all the help...:)

On my 07 450EXC its located on the frame directly behind the front fender - as in you can't read the whole sticker from 1 side of the bike.  Have to turn the wheel to the left to read the top, then all the way to the right and move to the right side to read the bottom of the sticker.  Can just barely see in the pic that it says 'California' around the middle of the sticker.



Hmm interesting ....

Ok well thank you

Hmm I need one of those lol

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