1999 YZ125 tear down and rebuild.....

Hey Guys,



We picked up our first two wheeler this week.  We've had plenty of three wheelers and quads through the years, but this

is our first bike. Its a 1999 YZ125 and we got it for $400. Not a bad deal I thought. It was bought new by a family

we know and not much has really been done to it during it's life...including maintenance. The linkage was frozen up and had

no travel at all. We ordered the new bearings today and as we got to digging into it we just kept going.


The plan is to take it to get powder coated this next week and get all new plastics for it. We removed the rear shock and
the spring seats were set to about halfway down the thread column. Once we loosened them up the spring had very little

expansion and was loose on the shock when we got to about 3/4 up the threads. Going to check with the dealer, but I think

we need a new spring. Not familiar with this stuff as I am only in the process of restoring one quad and have never worked

on a dirtbike before. We also plan on getting a new FMF pipe and silencer for it soon.


Engine runs great and has never been into. We're going to check it out though to see if it needs any work later on.










If that engine has never being into you better put in a new piston and measure the bore if its still round. 14 years on the first piston?

Yeah that is what I was wondering if there were going to be any issues. I know it didn't get ridden much at all over

the years so wasn't sure if there was going to be anything wrong with it.

Well we found out the engine had been rebuilt not long ago so it is good.


We're just about done with the YZ125. Just need to put the new callipers on,

a few little things on the swingarm and the chain and sprocket and we'll be good

to go.


Turned out pretty nice.

Full size pics here. http://www.pbase.com/dirtweed/1999_yz125&page=all







Showin' it some love!

I like that!!!

nice one. :thumbsup:

Bike look's awesome,congrat's.

Got it back together and running....though a little cold on the second start.  Filling the brakes tomorrow

and it should be good to go. Had to remove the radiator shrouds as we have new radiator guards coming

in tomorrow.



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kids and those damn phones...lol

kids and those damn phones...lol



Exactly my thought. Told him I'd get the pics and videos he just needed to keep it running when it was cold.  LOL

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