Anyone going to the September 15 NETA Trials?

I'm in the area and would like to check it out...

If I dont work both days at my motorcycle club "family field days" event, Im riding Sunday. Just depends on how many folks show up at the FFD event as to if I have to work. You should go - will be a fun time. Exeter is a great place for trials and should get a good turnout of riders. Make sure you watch the Champ/Expert riders. Very entertaining. You can normally walk the entire loop no problem. 

I'm going. Weather looking like temps in the 70s. Normal turnout is 50 - 60 riders across all levels.


Walking to loop is no problem unless you are riding it then it will be a lot more fun. Make sure to check out the expert/champ sections as Laser said.


The RITC always puts on a great event. There is not normally food available so I'd suggest bringing food and water and bug spray.

thanks! see you there... i'd love to ride it but hard to bring a bike from hawaii. haha

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I am planning on going and riding my 86 Honda TLR200. 

Zach nice meeting you. I hope you get to do some riding with Peter Bowman.

I had a good ride yesterday dropping 22 points. I still got my butt kicked but a guy who is 80 years old. 

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