blaster ignition coil issues pls help before my wife kills me!


hey gang,i ve been on thumper talk for a couple years in the dirtbike forms .but now I need some atv help and hoping some can help hahha.heres the deal,bought my wife a 97 blaster for 100$ had to rebuild it from the ground up,new crank.seals,bearings,cylinder,piston,rings,carb rebuild,ummm I don't know replaced some bearings chain rollers,chain clutch cable and bought a gas tank plus random bolts and crap,so I put the bike all together and no spark,got the electrical tester and the manual out and started testing,i found the cdi bad and the ignition coil bad,i bought a new cdi  and a new coil...still no the tester back out and found that when testing the the primary coil resistance that the ohms are all over the place for 30 seconds then finally settling at 0.5 to 0.3,the book says its supposed to be between 1.44 and question is am I doing something wrong here?shouldnt that coil be reading a steady ohm reading of 1.44 to 1.76,im thinking I got a bad brand new coil or that maybe I have some other electrical issue?


this is a long post but I got figure this out cause my wife is getting pissed and wants to ride her quad hahhaha,thanx for reading this and an hlp would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

check your stator. I went through ever possiblitly of my blaster not running for 9 months. that's what ended up being bad for me. I would check that the very next instant u have the time to take it off and check it.

I checked the stator by the manuals ohm test and it checked out would I test it by taking it off?im good with motors top top bottom but definitely weak in the electrical department hahaha...tonight I was checking some other things out such as grounds and conections{again} and found that there actually is an electrical pulse coming threw the coil wire but its so weak you have to put the coil wire on your cheek to feel it when you kick the bike over...grrr this thing is pissing me please get back to me on this monster I need to get a heart beat in this quad hahahha

Take the stator off then remove the lighting coil (copper color), generator coil (big) and trigger coil (small), clean all contacts where the coils mate with the stator plate even the ends where the magnets go around, you want no rust. Not sure if your model has the timming set or you have a adjustable plate. You say you can feel some juice when kicking it over try removing the plug cap and see if you get a bigger....zap, should kick it over fast 3-4 times in a row.

Or get yourself a 12v test light, remove the one wire at the coil, stick the pointed side into the wire connector and ground the test light, make sure its a good ground...bare metal (frame). Look at the tester while kicking it over, it should blink with every revo of the engine. Prolly got a crappy spark plug cap, switch it out with a standard plug cap without the resistor, do the same with the plug and test.

Does this year have the TORS?

its not the cap because im checking the spark with the cap off and just holding the end of the wire and its a very weak pulse,tomorrow im borrowing a friends running blaster and im going to pull the stator out of it and throw it in mine and see what happens...what is TORS? not sure if this bike has it or not,man I sure appreciate the help this thing is costing me a lot of time and beer hahahhaha

the tors is a big bulky thing with wires coming out of it on top of the carberator. if the throttle wire just goes straight into the carb cap, no tors. if there is a big bulky thing on top tors device and u can remove that.

so I have spark now,i hadn't noticed when we got the quad that the little brain box that controls the TORS was unplugged,well  naturally seeing an unplugged electrical box I plugged it back in lol.with out the whole TORS system in place and that box plugged in I was creating an open loop in the ignition system,once unplugged, BAM spark!


I appreciate the help and feedback fellas

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