motorcycle tire shop LA/San Diego area

hey guys

I'm travelling from Vancouver on my drz sm, currently in Henderson nv. everything I searched here is closed tomorrow. need some new tires and to get a oil change done.

im headed to palm springs/san diego/la area in the next few days. anyone have a recommendation in that area of a shop that will stock tires and hopefully have same day turn around?

I googled but there's so many and its nice to get an opinion from trusted guys :)



Wish I had a spare rear for ya to get ya to yur next stop. Hate to have a guy waste a day waiting for a shop to open. BTDT. On the oil change, if yur up to level another 3-400 miles ain't gonna hurt anything. 


Keep yur chain lubed. :D

San Diego BMW is open on Mondays...

If you'd asked before leaving, I would have given you my set of OEM tires!!


Now lookit the mess you're in, eh?

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