New respect for enduro riders

  Did my first enduro today. My goal was to finish and learn something. Mission accomplished. It kicked my ass. I'm 53 and have only ridden this summer, after not riding for 30 years. I finished completely exhausted and sore, about 44 minutes late. I only fell 5 times, twice on deep steep sandy hills clogged with riders. Hard as hell to drag that thing out of the way, recover and get 'er to kick over. I know I lost a lot of time there, pulling over for numerous rows of riders, and just not being good enough to maintain an 18 mph average.

  I learned I didn't need to worry about time keeping yet. It was all I could do just to stay on the bike. I was blown away by how good these riders are up here in the great state of Michigan. On my row was an older gentleman in his 70s. Dude rode unbelievable. Saw him 2x in 12 mph loop and at the start of the 18mph. Never saw him again till it was over. Looked like he didn't even break a sweat. People were blasting past me like no tomorrow, and this is tight and real sandy. I really had no idea how many badass woods riders are out there. I was duly impressed.

 All this and it was a family enduro series. Nothin' but respect I say, for you real enduro riders. :ride:

Where was this held? Glad you finished safely.Those vets are unreal,huh? Bouncing off trees that the rest of us ride around.

Congrats on finishing !

They also have a very impressive Sen and Sup-Sen class in the Wnyoa HS series ...very competetive lap times when looking at the overall

Thanks, yea some of those older guys are incredible. They have lots of experience for sure.  It was held close to Traverse City.

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