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To replace my triple clamps or not to replace my triple clamps?

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I've been a troll here for a while and have found many useful gems in these forums.


So here is my question about a 2005 WR450.



When I got the bike the right fork was leaking badly. I had a shop replace the seals. They told me one of the pressed bearings had come loose and needed to be replaced. They offered to JB weld it so could look for a new fork. They said it would just start leaking if things didn't hold up. 4 Months later is started leaking again. Now after having changed a set of fork seals myself I don't think they knew what they were doing. I haven't opened the fork to see what kind of mess they made yet.


I haven't noticed any steering issue except for wobble around 55 MPH that disappears around 60 MPH.



The forks that came on the bike let's call set A. I found a NOS (new old stock) set here on TT, let's call this set B. Removed the A-right without any issues. A-left I had to hammer out from the top. Didn't think much of it until I went to mound set B. B-right slid right into place. B-left didn't want to go into the upper clamp. I pried open the clamp with a flat screwdriver and still couldn't get slide into place. Set B came with clamps and a stem. Should I use the NOS clamps or fight with the ones on the bike?


Thanks for your input.

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I decided to use the NOS clamps. This is 2005 wr450 specific... The stem isn't a attached to the lower clamps. Does it just press in?

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