The rest of the story....

If you guys read the post I made a week ago I had a bad sound coming from what i thought was my engine. The engine even slowed down a 150rpms while sitting at a light and making the noise (at the same time) making me think it was a sign of something bad.


The noise started off as a rubbing noise or whirring noise. Then it sounded more like a bad bearing or a bearing on its way out. While sitting at a light it manifested and the engine slowed, when the noise stopped the engine sped up. When I climbed off the bike or started the bike (off the bike) the noise would not appear. I only heard the noise when slowing down and speeding up while on the bike. It did not sound like a rattle or something loose. I kept riding the bike (yeah I know) in hopes the noise would get worse and I could locate it (upper half or dreaded lower half). The noise got worse alright but it also changed its sound. Instead of the whirring noise or bad bearing sound I was now getting a sound something like a part inside getting destroyed or rattling sound. It did not sound good at all so I drove it home very slowly and parked it.


I did not drain the oil as I really bummed out about the noise and just knew it was a bad bearing on the crank or some other bad area. I just let the bike sit and became mildly depressed over the bad engine I had. For multiple reasons I did not want to fix it right away.


After talking to several people everyone said I should at least drain the oil and see what I get. Saturday I drained the oil and both magnets were clean along with the oil filter. Very curious i set about to discover what the heck was going on. I put new oil and a filter in the bike. My wife kept saying she knew what it was and I ignored her (never do this especially if your wife has a nasty habit of being right (ugh!).


After checking every motor mount and any other bolt or nut I could lay my eyes on I checked what my wife thought the problem was. Her instinct told her that it was the large flat washer that goes on the rear gas tank bolt. Well peck me to death by ducks if she wasn’t right. The little woman had helped me work on the bike enough to know almost every part of it. She thought that large metal washer was rattling around. I dismissed her idea as there was no way a washer could make the sounds I heard this thing making.


The rest of the story.....


So what I think was happening is this. The bike would not make the noise when off it as I had to have weight on the bike to push the tank down enough to create slack or space between the washer and metal flange on the tank. The upper most rubber of the mount had slipped through the hole and allowed metal to metal contact. The screw had loosened itself up more and more changing the way the sound manifested and also making it louder. The washer would actually spin like a spun penny on a table making a whirring sound.


I mean who the hell would have thought a stupid washer could do all that. It just goes to show you that sometimes we can be so smart we overlook the obvious. Stupid me I even bet the little woman that if it was that part, and I knew it wasn’t at the time I made the bet, I would take her out to a nice steak dinner. Well at least I got a good ribeye and baked potato out of it and I don’t have to tear my motor down. Thank God!

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Like the great american philosipher  Al Bundy once said ," Ah women, Ya can't live with em, and ya can't live with em!" LOL

A few years (or beers) ago my bike was making a funny scraping noise near the motor. I couldn't figure it out. I thought it was the rod. Turns out it was the rear passenger peg vibrating. Lol, it's always somethin stupid.

While we're on the subject of that gas tank bolt, I have a question about it.

Should it go all the way down into the oil tube of the frame?

I think the PO must have screwed down too far if not.

You mean oil comes out if you pull it out?

Yes sir, sadly it does. I can see down into the frame tube. My quick solution was to drain the oil, apply a little ultra grey rtv onto the bolt and screw it almost tight.

It holds just fine, but I have to strap down the rear of the tank to the frame instead of bolting. Didn't notice that before purchase of course.  :(

That's pretty weird.


You could put a stud in there, goo it in place, then use an acorn nut.

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