2007 RMZ250 Wont idle

I recently picked up a 2007 rmz250. The bike will run at 1/8th throttle but will die as soon as you let off the gas. Choke wont stay on and it backfires a little. 


I took all the slack out of the throttle cable and even turned the idle screw to the max and it still wont idle. 


I messed with the fuel screw on the bottom a little and it seemed to help it run smoother (about 2 turns out) but still I can't get it to idle without holding down the throttle. 


I also cleaned the carb and made sure the jets weren't clogged. While reassembling the carb,  I overtightened the decompression screw on the carb and it broke off inside. It took some time to get out but its out now and have a part coming in the mail. 


This bikes really starting to seem like a bad idea 



Someone please help me

RMZ250 07.jpg

Check the air filter and housing for dust, dirt, and debris. Also check the spark plug.

Put slack back in the throttle cables.

Buy a new choke knob.

Ensue all carb passsage ways are clean.

Buy a brand new pilot jet.

Fine adjust the fuel screw when the engine is hot.

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