Which tyres?

I'm having to use my Ktm 525 exc to get around on the road a lot more now as It has become my only transport for the time being. I had brand new Pirelli MT16's front and back. Front is wearing ok but the rear is wearing down super quick and is at about half tread after about 1000km (sorry I'm an Aussie) also cracking at the bases of each centre knob and have already had one knob totally ripped off like it has been cut with a knife. The others are cracking at the same point and I am sure soon I will lose a lot more. Have I got a dud tyre or is this just what happens to knobbies on the road? As the bike is currently doing 90% road duty, what kind of tyres would you recommend? I don't want to go full road style as I still like to hit the trails on the weekend so I need a comprimise. Also what compound do you recommend to last longer and still handle ok on the road?

If I were you, I'd keep running, and replacing the rear with cheap knobbies. You do not have a cush drive hub on that bike, and the last thing you want is a good tire which hooks up on the road, as a broken hub could be the end result. I have a 525 SX on the road, and I run a supermoto set up on it at times, but I don't run near as many miles on the road, as it sounds like you do. I have the dirt wheels, and full knobbies on it right now

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If you want longetivity then check out a Dunlop D606 or Pirelli XCMH. I personally like the XCMH better but the 606 seem to last longer. I would thing that any DOT tire would be better then a non for the type of riding your doing. Here is a list of all the DOT tires on the market if you want to narrow down your search.


Knobby DOT Tires

Thanks for your input guys. As I'll only be using the bike short term for daily road duty I don't want to go to the expense of another set of rims but I checked out some of the tyres on the links and the Bridgestone tw22 looks like it might do the job and has good reviews. Anyone know why my Pirelli knobbies centre knobs are cracking at the base and ripping off. Tyre pressure maybe? or my riding style even? What pressures do you guys recommend for the road?

717 Motorsports, I didn't know about the cush drive hub you were talking about so did a little research and think I might be best to take it a bit easier on the road so to not cause any breakages due to increased tyre hook up especially with gearbox, chain and sprockets. Also probably why the tyres are wearing so quickly. I haven't done much road riding in the past and now that I am doing a lot of it I have really enjoyed getting all the power to the ground on the 525 as they certainly have some nice grunt that you can't really get the most of on the dirt. Going to end up getting a full time road bike when money allows with better service intervals as well because the oil/filter changes come by pretty quick on the ktm doing so many road kms and drain the wallet! I am drawn to the xs650 bobber style bikes so that might be my next ride. I still have a YZ250F I can use for my offroad fun!

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