So , what happens if he does a runner with the Go Pro ?

I would mow that thing down with my bike before I left without my go pro

Hahahahaha.. Best video to watch this morning !

BAAAAAAH   just another WV girlfriend on the trail...


Those crazy WV's mountain people will strap a camera to anything furry....

Lol. When he picks up the stick and starts jabbing it in the face! Hahahaha Don't know why I find this so funny! :lol:

That is one fast goat. What did you do to piss it off. That thing was coming after you not so much the bike. Look forward to more adventures!


Good idea with strapping the gopro to its back enjoyed that.

my favorite series ever!

Way too funny, glad we don't have those damn things up here.

We do have these guys but they live a bit higher up in Rockies than most of us ride. Cannot say I'd want to piss off a Rocky Mountain Big Horn as much as the ram in the vid. nor would I be the one to strap a GoPro on him! :)

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379731793.265485.jpg

Just saw that video this morning on another site it was set to the Benny Hill Show theme music ( Yakety Sax ). LMFAO, that is the funniest mc video I've ever seen! :lol:

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