XT 250 T

Hello All,


I managed to land up in the Yamaha land again after years, I used to ride a RX100 and then a RX135 and moved on to different bikes, Like Honda, Royal Enfield and Jawa,

Not until last week did i realize what i was missing on. I took a ride on my friends XT and fell in love with it, so much that i got it home and have been riding around on it from few days now. Had my first fall yesterday but got up and had the ear to ear grin as if i have achieved something. :D

Cosmetics are bad but the engine looks perfectly maintained.


This is a 1983 XT250 T and as per the badge on the frame its built in australia. However I dont have any owners/service manual for the same. After spending some good time riding and then a bout two days on the internet, i figured that this is a 27 BHP mad machine and was built less in numbers. The bottom end is same as 350 and shares the same design.


I am really not sure about that however i would love to collect more details from you all, Please do share your insights and if any docs or advices. Much appreciated.




Sarath Shenoy



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Except for the aluminum swingarm, it looks the same as the 1984 XT-250L sold in the USA for that year only.

The next year, the USA got the XT-350N which looked the same as the XT-250L but with a front disc brake.

Looks like the same engine out of the australian model tt250. Its a 4 valve duel intake duel exaust engine, looks like a great bike. For a service manuel use the xt350 manuel and the srx 250 manuel for the topend and you can always go onto the yamaha australia website and request a parts list they have provided me these in the past when dealing with odd bikes.

Hey Mate,

This is the same bike i am currently rebuilding. I purchased the Clymer service manual covering the xt125-250 1980-84. This service manual mainly focuses on the single overhead cam model however there is a supplement in the back of the manual that covers the DOHC engine. I used this manual to complete a full top end rebuild which i found to be quite straight forward. You can find these manuals online at a very reasonable price. Source your parts from the US as they are quite expensive here in Australia. This bike uses basically the same engine parts as the XT250L which is the model that was built in the states. I haven't had any problems with compatibility between the 250L and the Australian made 250T.

Lower the front forks and strip as much weight out of this bike as possible and you will have a great little thumper.

Same donk as the TT and the SRX as stated in previous posts.


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