Will YZ450F forks work on a KX450F

I have a 2006 KX450F and the forks are not to good .Had them revalved and still not that good .Anyway,YZ450F forks have a good rep of being smooth and was wondering if axle offset/tube diameters/caliper mount are the same.Just seems like a better base fork set to work with



im not familiar with kx's but they use the same fork seals. so id assume they are the same diameter meaning you can use the same triple clamps. only thing id look at is the fork leg where the caliper mounts and axle diameter, but those to can be interchanged

if you had them revalved 2 times and they arent any good your doing it wrong 

Yes. 2010 or later YZ450F fork upper tubes should fit Kawi triples.


All KX450Fs use a 59.0mm lower tube clamp and 54.0mm upper.


If not checked the difference in fork lug offset. I'd guess both Yam and Kawi lugs have the axle in as far as possible.


There might be a small difference in overall fork extended length.


You'll also need the YZF axle, and brake calliper hanger.


You can use your KX front wheel if you make your own axle spacers and line up the front rotor.


As you prob know, the 06 and 07 KX450F forks are the older AOS design. Significantly different base valve setup to the newer forks. Odd-ball mid valve setup too. Probably could work OK with the right parts and settings, but I gave up on them.

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