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DR650RE R - What is it?

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Hi Guys


Hoping you can help me. I'm trying to decide on which thumper to get. DR650 or DRZ400E or KLR650. My mind is set on the first two.


I saw a 1994 come onto the market but the seller has it marked as a 1994 DR650RER. I think the last R is a year code for 1994, but I cannot find much information on the DR650RE


First of all it seems to be oddly placed around the world. From the zen seeker dr650 site it looks to be european. From the forums and classifieds i've seen it's popped up in Thailand, South Africa, Australia. No country seems to have many,


I think it is a 1994-1995 only model and was a Dr650R (Dakar) model with an electric start. It's in a grey area between the 1991 kick start versions and the post 1996 editions with the 50lb/25kg weight reduction.


Is this correct? Can anyone shed any more light on it?


Will 1996+ farkles and parts work on it much? The one I am looking at has done 25k miles / 45k kms. Not too bad for a 1994. I'd be looking at getting it for around 3k - nothing to write home about for my local market. Maybe get it for a bit cheaper

-rebuild 7 months ago (3rd gear lost one of its teeth?!!? he partially rebuilt it himself)
-new transmission 
-new rear tire, fronts in good condition too 
-new battery 
-high compression piston (not sure what this is about)
-oil changed every 3 months 
-2 spare unused knobbies 
-geared for highway use 
-bash plate, luggage rack 
-all electrics work 
-no smoke, no oil leaks 


What do you guys think?

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>Will 1996+ farkles and parts work on it much?


Mostly no. And IMHO 3k seems a bit pricey. Especially since (for the most part) only 1993-1995 engine parts will work on the '94. Other 1996-up farkles would have to be modded to work. One could purchace a nice 1996-up with that budget, and have a world of used parts to choose from should the need arise.

The early DR's are astheticaly pleasing, though, I can see where one could be tempted. If you simply must have it, you might try negotiating a better price.

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I would stay away from the pre-96 version. Not sure about Australia but in the USA can find plenty of sub-$2,500 deals on post 1996 bikes.

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