Dropped a Valve - Ouch Need head repaired

I recently picked up a 06 KTM 250 SXF basket case.  It needed a new crank and bearings.  I replaced the crank, bearing, piston and rings. I got her running and while breaking in the crank and piston, she made some bad sounds, and quit running. Upon tear down, I found an intake valve keeper broke allowing the intake valve to drop, and yes smacked the piston. The piston broke off the bottom of the valve allowing it to bouncing around...  No damage to the cylinder, but the bottom of the head took a few hits...  


I can split and engine, and replaces all internals, but fixing the head, and replacing the valves is out of my league.  Proper tools for the job, (which I don't have...).  So I know I'm not the 1st that this has happened to... Who do you use to repair your head.  I did some research and found Point View Cycle in Canfield Ohio.  They're somewhat local to me (1:15 min drive).  Has anyone used them and how are you happy with the work / costs of the repairs.  Any other vendor suggestions are welcome, or should I just buy a used head?


thanks, Eric

I had KB5 do my head when I needed new valve sets cut in my '04 450SX.  (They actaully sent it to Trims's high performance engine shop).



They are only 8 minutes from my house, so that was a no brainer.   You could ship it to them.


Replacing valves is actually QUITE easy.   All you really need is a valve compressor (Sears for like 25 bucks I think it is) a rubber mallet, and some valve lapping compound (assuming NOT Titanium valves).    I could replace the valves in my bike very quickly, but of course I cannot machine the head if it needed it.


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